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In about the year 500AD, St Colmcille borrowed a book of the Gospels from St Finnian of Maigh Bhile and secretly copied it. On realising what had been done, Finnian demanded the return of the book and also the copy. Colmcille objected, saying that the copy was his. The matter was referred to Diarmaid mac Cearrbheoil, the high king. His judgement was le gach bó a buinín agus le gach leabhar a chóip, to every cow her calf and to every book its copy.

Welcome to the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency, Ireland's reproduction rights organisation.

Irish Copyright Licensing Agency
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UPDATED 5th October 2012 Google and US Publishers settle


Excluded Works

Irish Excluded Works List 2008.pdf 50.43 KB
UK Excluded List.pdf 120.36 KB
Participating US Publishers List.pdf 158.43 KB

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